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Easy Vintage in four versions

tough looking, vintage... user friendly

Coach leer

Leather Coach

Outback vintage

Leather Outback

Rebound leer

Leather Rebound


Leather Vegas

Vintage style

Most contemporary leathers are made in ‘vintage style’. Often vulnerable leathers with an used style and open structure. The demand for these leathers is still growing. However, an increasing number of users appreciate the effect and style of this leather but rather not have the disadvantages of an open structure leather. Our articles within the Easy Vintage collection have the natural appearance but are much more resistant to moisture, grease and dirt due to a light transparent protective coating applied to the surface. An additional advantage is that the leather can be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth. Therefore … user friendly!

At this moment you can choose from 4 items; Coach, Outback, Rebound and Vegas. Together more then 45 colours, so there is a suitable colour for every ambiance or interior. All colours can be ordered from 1 hide and usually delivered within a week.

We upcycle waste into value

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